Welcome to Bagill.com. Here you will find all sorts of tot4lly uber utilities. If you want your future revealed or want to learn how to talk like a h4x0r, you've come to the right place! Oh, don't forget to learn how to bagill before you make like a tree and leaf this place. Welcome to Erf. BAGILL!

Latest Haps

2016-05-17 Bagill made you a brand new Password Hasher to help you generate one-way password hashes.

2016-05-16 Bagill.com version 2.0 has launched with support for the latest internet-enabled mobile devices such as the powerful Apple Newton®, IBM Simon® and Palm Pilot 7x®.

2024-07-23 Bagill is totally KIR today.... hacked this total n00b at He don't even realize. Jeez that was funny.

2009-03-04 Bagill's Magic 9 Ball was completely overhauled today. Hellz yes. There's nothing more enjoyable than getting your future told in style. sheeeeit.

2009-02-28 The internet died today. Bagill is still alive. He will save us all. Praise His name.

2009-02-25 Just throwin a shoutout to [Gaymer Clam]!