Bagill's Pimp Speaker

Congratulations! You are on your way to becoming a pimp.... or at least semi sort of sounding like one... kind of. on paper. Bagill's Pimp Speaker can help you be an ePimp, but don't let it be your crutch. We know that pimping ain't easy, but use this only as a guide. You must get out there and walk the walk. Just remember to keep your pimp hand strong. Word.

(How pimp are you?)

Results:yo yo, my name be Bagill and I is a pimp. I got mad props fo' money and fine ass malt beverage. What? You like my threads? word! yeah true dat I look fly. gimme a apple. I'm funna bounce. Don't be axing fo' no mo' favors.

Additionally, you should try to integrate at least some of the following pimp phrases in to your daily conversations. Hint: Try them on coworkers or family members first!

"It is my duty to please that booty."
"Hello, sweet thang."
"Where's my money?"
"Where you at?"
"Let's do it. Doggy Style."
"Who's your daddy?"
"Say what?"

Keep in mind that these pimp phrases can basically be picked at random. So no need to memorize where in a conversation the pimp phrase should be placed. Try them at your favorite fast food joint! You are sure to make friends this way. Shit, at least they'll finally respect you.